In order to succeed in their scientific and professional career, students / trainees will need solid knowledge and in-depth technical skills. The TEDGIEER program provides these skills thanks to the collaboration of our industrial partners and the SOVAR company specialized in the valorization / commercialization of university research.

In addition, TEDGIEER summer schools, trainees will apply their scientific communication skills through seminars in which they will present their work to other trainees and senior researchers in the program.


Strong and diverse programming organized in collaboration with experts from both academia and industries

Summer schools

All students, member of the TEDGIEER program, must follow two mandatory classes (in june).


A workshop (usually in September) will be organized annually on  Water Treatment in Northern Environment.

Annual conferences

Each year, a conference will be organized to bring together all the interns of the program registered in the seven participating Canadian universities. This conference will summarize the latest scientific and technical breakthroughs from the CREATE–TEDGIEER Program.

Forthcoming Event Calendar



Please note that all our collaborators (coming from industry, academia and government) are always welcome to our activities.