The CREATE Summer Program in Environmental Technologies for Decontamination and Integrated Management of Wastewater and Liquid Effluents (TEDGIEER) is for all TEDGIEER graduate and undergraduate students whose work is also linked to one of the six research areas of the program.

The Summer School is held, normally in June, at INRS- Centre Eau Terre Environnement. This training provides participants with a unique, multidisciplinary training experience in close interaction with different professors from participating universities, as well as professionals and collaborators from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds in order to cover the different concepts of environmental technologies and sustainable development in entrepreneurship, project management and intellectual property.

This training aims to:
• Offer a portrait of current and emerging major environmental issues through a research and industrial perspective
• Familiarize the student with different aspects of environmental technologies for their application to real problems of management and decontamination of water and effluents.
• Introduce the student to entrepreneurship and management of industrial development projects
• Understand the different forms of intellectual property for the realization of industrial projects
• Propose solutions for solving problems of industrial / applied pollution in connection with integrated technologies for decontamination and environmental management of wastewater and effluents.

Within the framework of the summer school are offered the two mandatory courses of the CREATE-TEDGIEER program.

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Plan du cours ETE6051-Entrepreneuriat Gestion de projet et de Propriété intellectuelle

Plan du cours_ETE6050 Technologies Environnementales – Eau et Développement Durable