INRS hosted the second edition of the “International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processes for Environment, Energy and Health (iCAMP)” held from October 31 to November 2, 2018 in downtown Montreal. This conference brought together nearly 150 scientists from various disciplines from some 20 countries. For the occasion, many professors and students from the CREATE-TEDGIEER program came to present their work in the form of posters or oral communications.
Advanced materials and processes are increasingly used to solve complex and varied challenges such as providing advanced health care, producing sustainable energy, or developing water treatment and decontamination processes for air or soil. iCAMP is a unique forum for scientists to discuss global issues, build multidisciplinary bridges, and collectively contribute to tomorrow’s challenges related to sustainable development and people’s health.
To tackle problems in a multidisciplinary way and generate new ideas, scientists have combined their knowledge from basic and applied research and combined their expertise in the framework of an open and collective scientific contribution.
The themes of iCAMP 2018:

  1. Advanced materials for catalysis, biocatalysis, photocatalysis, photovoltaics and photo sensitivity.
  2. Advanced processes for the treatment and decontamination of water, air and soil (VOCs, POPs, drinking water, wastewater, soil remediation, physical and chemical treatment in a polluted environment, etc.).
  3. Sustainable energy production and transformation: solar energy, biomass, hydrogen, etc.